Our Core Beliefs

An Exciting Learning Environment

The learning programs promote a spirit of inquiry and sense of wonder by providing students with a variety of experiences where they can observe, question and analyse events, information, people, objects and all that they see around them. Children learn through collaborating with their teachers and peers, so they can share their exciting observations and ideas, learn together and support one another.

Benchmarks Of Excellence

Students and teachers work with their peers to evaluate their skills and competencies and set growth milestones to advance their academic progress or professional growth. They set personal development goals which are reviewed with their peers every term to keep track of their emotional well-being as reflected in their work and in relationships to their classmates and colleagues.

Self Expression Through The Arts

We believe that the arts are an essential part of the curriculum. We encourage students to express themselves creatively and to use their imagination freely, through experiences in the performing arts -- music, dance, theatre and in the fine arts and crafts. Regular workshops by musicians, theatre people, artists and craftspersons help to enrich and add colour and vibrancy to the program.

Respect And Regard For The Environment

The children participate in a variety of environmental programs that help them realise that their way of life affects their immediate surroundings and the larger community. The curriculum encourages children to respond in ways that reflect a deep sense of responsibility, concern and sensitivity to the earth and all life.

Building Teaching Excellence

The school continually educates teachers through weekly discussions of current pedagogical ideas and practices. It encourages teachers to experiment with a variety of educational methods and strategies. The TVS Teachers’ Forum offers an exciting avenue for teachers to showcase their innovative teaching strategies and inspires them in their journey of teaching and learning.


Personal Growth And Development

The school offers unique opportunities for personal growth and development through courses in yoga, philosophy and practices of mindfulness. Students explore complex social issues and personal concerns through reflective dialogues, discussions and simulated role-plays. This enables them become sensitive, mature and compassionate individuals.

A Commitment To The Community

Students and teachers identify problems and concerns faced by their community and find ways of resolving them. They have initiated diverse programs ranging from garbage sorting and recycling to creating libraries in villages, from working with disabled children to engaging in environmental conservation and protection activities. This dedicated work in bringing about positive change has given them a profound sense of fulfillment. 

A Collaborative Role For Parents And Teachers

The school recognizes that parents and teachers share a pivotal role in the children's educational progress and emotional development. Through a program of continuing dialogues students, teachers and parents share their concerns and work together to create a conducive climate for the growth and development of the children.