The school has a team of 50 dedicated and caring teachers led by the Principal, Ms. Sumana Veerappaji. Their acquaintance with the students and parents, even before they joined the school, makes them feel that the school is an extension of their homes.

One of the teachers expresses how she looks forward to school,

‘… the emotional connection with my students, stimulating engagements with my peers, the energizing green campus, which have enabled my growth as a person, motivates me to come to school every day.’


Dedicated teachers

Some teachers began their journey in the school as volunteer parents and later decided to be full time faculty, as they identified with the values cherished by the school,

‘… as children we had been to conventional exam driven schools, and coming here, we see that learning is driven by questions and not answers, and now in this school, we have learned to unlearn.’ Another teacher says, ‘... the school has helped me redefine the idea of a teacher, from a giver of information to a person who creates a learning space where the child feels prized, trusted and secure to face new challenges.’

Teachers who have been in the school for many years, feel that the opportunities to learn and grow in the school, and the passion for their subjects and the support of colleagues is what has made the school an integral part of their lives. One teacher’s words captures this,

'…the passion and curiosity of my students and the support of my peers energizes me – every day brings something new and exciting … this is why I am here.'