How We Teach And

The curriculum foregrounds student participation in the learning process through strategies and processes that create a vibrant and dynamic learning environment, where teachers facilitate and actively support students' research and explorations in various fields.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a dynamic process where students and teachers actively construct knowledge together to make meaning. Collaborative learning thus leads to a sharing of ideas, experiences and multiple perspectives leading to rich multi-layered shared discourses. This collaboration opens new avenues to explore and reshape one’s thoughts and ideas.

Self Directed Learning 

Self Directed Learning is a process where a student or a group of students independently chooses a topic of interest and carries out an in-depth study. In this process students are highly motivated to investigate questions which are personally significant to them.

Project Based Learning

We use Project Based Learning as a primary approach to learning where students explore and actively engage with concepts, issues and events. Students are encouraged to use projects as a way to directly experience what is learnt by exploring the nuances and practical dimensions of the concept; leading to a richly layered experiential understanding.

Nature Walk

Nature walk is an essential way of understanding that we share our campus with diverse forms of life who deserve respect and care. From Pre-school, children explore and experience the campus through their feelings and senses, and in time students and teachers learn to commune and connect with nature.


Through reflection, shared dialogues, practices of mindful breathing and meditation, teachers and students learn to understand themselves and develop compassion for others.


Students continuously assess their performance, reflect on the feedback from peers and teachers, and set goals for further improvement. Through Student Led Conferences, students audit and present their assessments and share their opinions and perspectives with teachers and parents. The feedback from teachers and parents is used to set the next academic and personal development goals. Teachers and students use this feedback to review and recalibrate their expectations, commitments and responsibilities.