The Senior school program (GRADES 9 – 10) has a strong academic focus, as students prepare for the High School Board exams, which will enable them to advance to the Senior Secondary School. The program helps students to discover their aspirations, develop self-confidence, make informed choices and take responsibility for their decisions.

Academic Preparation

The school offers a strong preparatory program to get students ready for their Board exams. There is a mentorship program which supports the students in this preparation, and a mentor is provided for a group of 4 students, who continuously monitors their academic performance and emotional well being. The school sets monthly cycle tests to enable students to track their progress continually. These tests help students assess themselves with peer and teacher feedback and continuously work towards improvement.

Classroom Democracy  

Students and teachers engage in the Classroom Democracy Forum to voice their concerns. These dialogues enable students and teachers remove roadblocks, reduce stress and work together with renewed trust and understanding. In order to enable students to face problems calmly and develop their inner strength, they participate in a well-conceived values program.

Students, Teachers And Parents Interface

Students face great stress during this period, which is compounded by parental aspirations and peer competition. Deeply conscious of these disturbing trends, the school proactively provides dynamic therapeutic programs of meditation, breathing, stress management and counselling. There is a strong parent-student-teacher counselling program where issues that stress students’ academic and behavioural expectations, emotional and personal concerns, are openly shared. These interactions help parents and teachers understand the challenges facing the child, and enable them respond with appropriate support and encouragement.

Career Counselling

At this stage, students have to take decisions about their future course of study. The school supports the students and parents with an excellent career counselling program, which exposes them to future career options and pairs students' aptitudes to their career choices. This program helps students choose the appropriate elective subjects in secondary school, that are aligned with their interests, aptitude and future career choices.

Fine Arts & Performing Arts

Students explore traditional and contemporary art and craft forms. They use diverse techniques, materials and various media to share and express their feelings and ideas. Traditional potters and weavers interact with the students telling them about the craft forms, the mythologies and the cultural narratives that shape their work. Teachers search for a balance between instruction and self-expression as they encourage students shape their own points of view by discovering ways and means to manipulate and express the materials.

Theatre is used by students as a way of representing their worldviews. Students dialogue and discuss various issues and problems in the community and the environment, the outcomes of these engagements are fore-grounded through stage presentations.


TVS Academy advocates and supports non-competition in sports. We find that children have a greater sense of comraderie and love for the game without the stress of having to win and prove themselves.